We build and innovate mobile dating products. Our well known African brands are Rate’nDate, Pocketflirt and Smiggle. With our roots firmly established on feature phones we cover all mobile interactive menu based technologies from USSD, WAP, HTML, HTML 5 and app



RnD Labs has successfully partnered with the biggest names in mobile in Africa such as Vodacom, MTN Group, Cell C and more. If you are an operator or media owner and have a portal then RnD Labs will help you generate solid and reliable revenue streams through popular dating apps. Our users are highly active and will come back to your portal many times a day and they will simply love the dating products you offer them. Don’t worry about what generation of network you have - we have successfully deployed some of the busiest dating products on USSD, WAP and app store



Mobile apps is one of the hottest and fastest growing industries in the tech world today. As a pure play mobile company we have extensive experience in building & designing across a wide range of technologies on mobile such a USSD, WAP, HTML, HTML 5, iOS, Android, J2ME and more. This kind of experience is invaluable and exciting. Innovation is key to what we do and we are fanatical about giving our audience the simplest and fastest mobile dating experience based on the phone and technology they are using


Rate'nDate Lite

In 2014, RnD Labs pioneered the very first USSD dating service on the continent with its partner and South Africa’s largest operator Vodacom.

Rate’nDate Lite has been a roaring success with over as many as 8 million page requests a day! Because USSD works on every phone and provides a basic menu driven text experience, many operators in Africa are showing an interest to introduce it.


Rate’ is the flagship product designed for the mobile browser.

It was initially built for feature phones as feature phones still have the highest usage in Africa, however a HTML 5 version is being rolled out in the near future.

Smiggle came into the market with a twist - the design centered around the concept of shout-outs as opposed to the traditional dating model of browsing user profiles.

It was an immediate hit and is used all over the world especially in Africa and India. Smiggle is exceedingly simple and fast and both characteristics add to its addiction.

Smiggle App

RND Labs has created an iOS and Android version of the famous product.

With an average of around 19 minutes per session we believe that our app is sticky and has high customer retention rates.


Are you a mobile operator or a media owner with a busy portal? We have the best suited range of products to monetize your audience.

Why? People all over the world use dating products and mobile dating is the fastest growing version.

RnD Labs has dating products suited to your needs, whether its your USSD menu, your mobile web portal or your app store. Our products monetize well, are loved by users and keep bringing the users back.

And best of all no royalty payments! We are geared to partner. Our brand or yours. No problem. Talk to us if you want to try us out and we guarantee you will be happy with the results.


RnD Labs is a young company. We are passionate about what we do and our goal is to help people pick up their phone and meet someone new.

We love mobile, we love innovation and we love expanding our product and success into Africa.

Our goal is to be the number 1 dating product in Africa and with tens of millions of impressions per day we feel we are on the right track. Our office is informal, we have open door policy and we do our best to keep our staff happy and motivated. We take pride in awesome team building events like Drakensberg hikes, river rafting, lazer game and more.

We also treat our staff to a monthly massage just to help keep everyone's stress levels in check. We are also proud of the fact that we have retention rates that exceed industry norms. We like to believe our staff are happy and if not we are open to talk about it. If you are looking to get in the door with the fastest and hottest tech segment there is, then come and join RnD Labs and be part of the mobile decade.

Currently we are looking for the following candidates:

  1. Mid Level Developer: Job Spec Click here

Our technology

We are a JAVA and PHP shop.

We host on Amazon infrastructure and take pride in our reliable telco grade infrastructure providing real-time scalability and redundancy. We like to collaborate on Google apps as well as Dropbox.

We love iOS and Android equally, well depending on who you are talking to. We work with very old feature phones right up to iOS version 8 and Android Lollypop. We love to learn new things and encourage our developers to always try new stuff.

Innovation is very important and so is user experience. We get a lot of great ideas from Google, Facebook and Whatsapp.

About us

It all started in 2006 at the Jolly Roger in Johannesburg.
Imagine how cool it would be if you could take a photo and get it onto a mobile site for people to rate and chat to you.
Then it happened - version 1 of Rate’nDate was born. A joint venture between Luckymobile and AxonWireless, Laurence Seberini, Justin Lipshitz and Sergei Posokhov have created a mobile only dating business that is focused, popular and going places.

We take pride in the fact that we help people meet people.
And we put a lot of emphasis on safety with a plethora of back-ground safety features as well as a full-time safety officer.
Our staff are young and driven and we love the fact that we have a common goal of helping people meet people. Based in Johannesburg South Africa we are used by millions of people all over Africa.

Contact Us

Please fill in the form below to get in touch with us, or email us on or call us on +27 11 080 8800